Avante 2200 Project


The Avante 2200 Project for the Arabian Saudi Navy has finished.

We have completed the production of our latest project for the military sector. These are the desalination and water treatment plants that NAVANTIA has commissioned for the 5 corvettes they are building in its shipyard, located in San Fernando (Cadiz), for the Saudi Arabian Navy.

These ships, with a length of 98.9 meters, a beam of 13.6m and a displacement of 2,500 tons, are able to reach a maximum speed of 28 knots and navigate 5,000 nautical miles at their cruising speed (15 knots). This class is specially designed for the following missions: surveillance and protection of the EEZ, control of merchant vessels, defence of strategic elements, search and rescue operations, assistance to other vessels, pollution control, control, immigration control and drug interdiction, anti-submarine warfare and passive electronic warfare. To carry out their missions they have a very modern system of sensors and communications, and are able to transport a helicopter of up to 10 tons, as well as two semi-rigid boats of 5.5 meters in length each. Of course, as warships, they can incorporate several guns up to 76mm, SAM and SSM missile systems and torpedo launchers.
For such high performance vessels, we have designed and manufactured state-of-the-art water treatment equipment developed ad hoc for customer needs. These plants have been manufactured according to the requirements and regulations of the Lloyd’s Register Classification Society, subject to design approval, test supervision and establishment of specific protocols to ensure regulatory compliance with noise and vibration, among others.

For each of these corvettes we have supplied two seawater desalination plants of 30m3 each, and another that produces 1m3 of technical water per day. To complement this, we have also designed and manufactured filtration and aftertreatment equipment such as chlorine and UV treatment. Our supply for this project has been completed with a sixth delivery of our plants that will be destined for a technical school where they will take the training of the crew on land.

Once again we put our knowledge, engineering and technology at the service of large-scale projects,  developing custom-made reverse osmosis plants to meet the most demanding demands of our customers.


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