Peter Taboada has delivered his latest major project to Zamakona Yards:

A seawater reverse osmosis desalination plant that produces a total of 5 million liters of fresh water per day. With such amount, Peter Taboada repeats the highest flow ever manufacturated on board of a vessel. This plant will be part of the construction of a new 2,200m3 Live Fish Carrier that Zamakona Yards is building for the Norwegian shipowner Intership.

The reasons why this vessel requires such an huge flow of fresh water are transporting of salmon and the treatment against caligu, a parasite that attacks live salmon and negatively affects its production process.

This desalination plant was manufactured and designed specifically for this ship, and it’s the highest-production reverse osmosis plant that has ever been installed on a Spanish-made ship. It includes a series of characteristics that entail the following substantial and differentiating improvements:

  • The production of an enormous flow of water (5000m3 per day) compared to the vessel’s small measurements. This is achieved by an ultra-compact design specifically tailored for the deck of this ship.
  • Using the latest technology in energy recovery and positive displacement high pressure pumps, we achieve a very low energy consumption, kW per of produced water.
  • This plant has been built with a superfluous first stage with self-cleaning mesh filters and high flow micrometric filtration that guarantees continuous operation while minimizes the maintenance costs and has a significant impact on the operating costs of the equipment.
  • A very rare hybrid membrane configuration has been chosen for this project, which significantly reduces the plant’s footprint, guarantees design production, and also minimizes maintenance costs by substantially reducing the number of membranes.

This plant has remote access for operating and monitoring every plant’s function. We can connect with the plant from the shipowner’s offices or even from Peter Taboada’s offices, for any inspection, review, or technical support.

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