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PETION SC is a simplified version of Standard PETION, which has no Electrolytic Tank, nor Recirculation Pump. Other system components (aluminium and copper electrodes, and Electrical Control Panel system) remain.

As designs are shown, PETION SC could be installed directly in seawater inlets or strainers.

This simplified version of Standard PETION, has a significant decrease in price, but still maintains their properties of anti-biological and anti-corrosive system for any seawater circuit.


A-385-TF SC250 m³/h11 Al + 1 Cu85 x 300 mm49 Kg
2A-385-TF SC500 m³/h
22 Al + 2 Cu85 x 300 mm83 Kg
3A-385-TF SC750 m³/h33 Al + 3 Cu85 x 300 mm117 Kg
4A-385-TF SC1000 m³/h44 Al + 4 Cu85 x 300 mm152 Kg
A-685-TF SC750 m³/h
11 Al + 1 Cu85 x 600 mm68 Kg
2A-685-TF SC1500 m³/h22 Al + 2 Cu85 x 600 mm123 Kg
3A-685-TF SC2250 m³/h33 Al + 3 Cu85 x 600 mm178 Kg
4A-685-TF SC4000 m³/h44 Al + 4 Cu85 x 600 mm234 Kg
(*) Measurements in mm

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