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The PETSEA RO SW-S reverse osmosis systems for sea water desalinitation, have been specially designed for leasure boats. They are able to produce the highest water quality standards and in this range we group productions between  1.8 m3/day to 15 m3/day.



 Compact systems and easy maintenance.

 Highly reliable systems.

 Manufactured in a mirror stainless steel skid for a longlife.

 Increasable water production systems.

 All the units include feeding pump, sand filter, micrometric filters & PLC.





SW-S 10/181,8 m³/day1110462430to 20/34 & 30/52
SW-S 20/343,4 m³/day1110462430to 30/52
SW-S 30/525,2 m³/day1110462430--
SW-S 40/505 m³/day1275655490to 60/80
SW-S 60/808 m³/day1275655490--
SW-S 80/909 m³/day1245720665to 110/120 & 130/150
SW-S 110/12012 m³/day1245720665to 130/150
SW-S 130/15015 m³/day1245720665--
(*) Measurements in mm

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