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PETER TABOADA has a great range of filtration cartridges, not only in standard measures but also for special ones (from 5” up to 50” length), as well as cartridge housings of different materials.

In addition, we also have in our facilities of 1,800 m2 special filtration, self cleaning filters, Cintropur, stainless steel mesh filters and so on.

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Filtration cartridges

 Melt blown polypropylene.
 Wounded polypropylene.
 Pleated polyester.
 Polypropylene bag.
 Washable mesh.
 Polysulfone (absolute filtration).
 Granular activated carbon.
 Carbon block.
 Oil adsorbents.
 Ionic resins (softeners and deionization).
 In line.
 Big blue.
 Bayonet Style.
 RO 1812 membranes.

Cartridge housings

 Standard of 5”, 10” y 20”.
 Big Blue of 10” y 20”.
 Membrane pressure vessels.
 High temperature housings.
 Stainless steel housings.
 Stainless Steel multi-cartridge housings.
 PVC multi-cartridge housing.

Filtration systems

 Stainless Steel self cleaning filters.
 Cintropur filters.

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