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The small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that have wavelength between 100 and 400 NM, is the ultraviolet radiation, the UV-C rays are part of the UV rays, and they are between 100 and 280 NM. The electromagnetic waves, depending on its wavelength and its wave amplitude interact the materia and generate different nature effects. Because of its powerful germicide effect is very important the UV-C with L=254 NM radiation.

The high germicide power of the UV wavelength is due to the capacity of interacting with the DNA and with the link of its components (nucleic). The DNA is a macromolecule present in every life in which is storage all the information necessary for life and reproduction. It is possible to change the DNA information using UV-C rays. These changes in the DNA chain avoid the normal cellular reproduction and it brings the cellular death.



 Ecologic treatment, no chemical products are added. There are no alterations in the organoleptic characteristics.
 There is not risk for over dosing, or alteration of the water composition.
 There is not creation of toxic products. It cannot be avoided when chlorine is used.
 Fast purification in few seconds (just the time of the water passing through the collector) and storage tank is not necessary.
 Compatible with every water treatment technology (activated carbon, softeners, reverse osmosis, etc.).
 Low price and guaranteed results because of its low electrical consumption & economic maintenance.
 UV lamps replacement every 10.000 hours of working.

PETUVA system

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