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The PETSEA RO TW-Y reverse osmosis systems for water purification, have been designed to obtain fresh water from brackish water (up to 4.000ppm).

The feeding water could come from tap or well water.

They are able to produce the highest water quality standards and in this range we group productions between  1.7 m3/day to 60 m3/day.



 Highly reliable systems.

 Manufactured in a stainless steel skid for a longlife.

 Compact systems and easy maintenance.

 Increasable water production systems.

 All the units include, micrometric filters, autoflushing, antiscalant & PLC.

 Custom units designed in accordance with customer specifications.

 Control panel allowing easy reading of water quality and equipment operation status.


TW-Y 171,7 m³/day
1 x 25401350260700
TW-Y 343,4 m³/day2 x 25401350260700
TW-Y 484,8 m³/day3 x 25401350260700
TW-Y 656,5 m³/day4 x 25401350260700
TW-Y 505 m³/day1 x 404014506501620
TW-Y 969,6 m³/day2 x 404014506501620
TW-Y 14414,4 m³/day3 x 404014506501620
TW-Y 19019 m³/day4 x 404023006501620
TW-Y 24024 m³/day5 x 404023006501620
TW-Y 30030 m³/day6 x 404023006501620
TW-Y 40040 m³/day8 x 404023006501620
TW-Y 50050 m³/day10 x 404023006501620
TW-Y 60060 m³/day12 x 404031506501620
(*) Measurements in mm

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