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PETION is an anti-biological growth and anti-corrosive system for any seawater circuit, applying electrolysis avoids sea life incrustations, and protects piping against corrosion.

The PETION system is a PETER TABOADA’s patent, and is recommended for all kind of vessels, petrol platforms, and inland seawater refrigeration systems.

Equipment has 3 different parts:

  1. Duplex Stainless Steel Electrolytic Tank, where aluminum and copper electrodes are installed.
  2. Electrical Control Panel system.
  3. Recirculation Pump.

Aluminum electrode avoids corrosion, and copper electrode sea life incrustations.



bola icono peter Decreasing maintenance cost of pipelines, valves, seawater inlets, intercoolers,… Avoiding mollusks, crustaceans and algae incrustations

bola icono peter Eliminates sludge formation.

bola icono peter Energy savings, because increases refrigeration and recirculation.

bola icono peter PETION has long life electrodes, that consumes in a very efficient way (reaches up to 90% of consumption for the aluminum and copper electrodes)

bola icono peter Compact system, the interior tank design and electrodes positioning promote an uniform electrodes wear.

bola icono peter The Electrolytic Tank whit by-pass allows the checking and electrodes replacement in a few minutes and without vessel docking.

PETION, ANTI-FOULING SYSTEM. Standar electrolytic cell
PETION, SISTEMA ANTI-INCRUSTANTE. Cuba electrolítica estándar


Within this range, we have 4 options:

A-385-TF250 m³/h
2 or 31 Al + 1 Cu85 x 300 mm71 Kg
A-685-TF750 m³/h
3 or 41 Al + 1 Cu85 x 600 mm116 Kg
2A-685-TF1500 m³/h
62 Al + 2 Cu85 x 600 mm211 Kg
2A-1285-TF3000 m³/h6 or 82 Al + 2 Cu85 x 1200 mm379 Kg
(*) Measurements in mm

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