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PETSEA RO TW-H model is a duplex plant including pre-treatment, reverse osmosis, deionization, post-treatment, recirculation and by-pass systems.

The most important characteristic of this plant is its instantaneous water production capacity, decreasing the contamination from water accumulation.

The equipment combines the most advanced reverse osmosis and deionization techniques; it includes a system for continuous checking of produced water quality, in four different points of the installation, assuring at any time the best control of the purified water.

The plant can be connected with the hospital central control system, nephrology and maintenance. This way, the plant monitoring could be carried on from every control point. PETSEA RO® TW-H system is one of the exclusive systems we have developed and patented through latest years at PETER TABOADA.

The sophisticated PETSEA RO® TW-H system has been designed to obtain the best performance and the highest quality until the moment, in the market of water intended for hemodialysis purposes.

The design of the system and selection of its components was carried out with a special care, to achieve the most reduced possible maintenance needs and the highest durability. PETSEA RO TW-H is patented under number P200202491, “Hemodialysis Water Treatment System”.



 PC supervision control system.

 Remote and centralized monitoring.

 Safety levels.

 Safeness of produced water quality.

 Reverse Osmosis + Deionization.

 Bacteriological quality.

 Triple monitoring.

 Liability on whole system operation.

 Continuous checking.

PLC control.

Manual control.

 Extendable system.


TW-H 16816,8 m³/day
16>0,07 µS/cm111-301-90
TW-H 24024 m³/day
23>0,07 µS/cm111-301-90
TW-H 36036 m³/day35>0,07 µS/cm111-301-90
(*) Measurements in mm

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