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PETER TABOADA has a wide range of systems used for in-line measuring many parameters as: pH, redox, conductivity, chlorine, temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, suspended particles, etc. We also have portable systems and colorimetric kits for measuring any element that is in the water.

PETER TABOADA offers a wide range of dosing pumps depending on your needs, electromagnetic dosing pump (with volume regulation, computerized, compressed air, with flow regulation, etc.), and electromagnetic plunger dosing pumps, diaphragm and membrane pumps and peristaltic pumps. These pumps can be made of different materials depending on the application. The dosing system can be direct or controlled by a pulse sender or by a PC.

The PETCONTROL line of products also includes equipment designed for the control of the water parameters like, pH, chlorine, redox, temperature, conductivity, etc. The controlling and maintenance of these parameters are done continuously, this way we guarantee optimal water conditions depending on the applications. There is the possibility of sending the information to a computer to be processed or printed. Also a phone call can be made when an alarm is activated.

PETER TABOADA also has integrated systems for industrial laundries, as well as dosing and control systems for swimming pools.

Petcontrol system

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