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PETFROST is a food safety system that reduces the bacterial load existing in the food by washing with sterile water with germicidal properties. To perform its mission, in PETFROST three technologies come together from different fields: advanced water treatment, advanced oxidation processes and a triple-reactor recirculation (patent).

The reduction of bacterial flora can prolong the life of the different products. Leveraging the synergy of techniques for the same purpose, vacuum packaging and atmosphere amended, are achieved substantial increases in their trade route.

Protected by Spanish patent (200001690/1),European patent (01947470.9), and PTC(ES01/00268), PETFROST has been developed thanks to 2 investigation projects between PETER TABOADA, CSIC (Xunta project: PGIDIT04TAL029E “Alternative to stabilize fresh fish on board”), CETMAR (“PETFROST: Development of prototype and pilot plant on board of fishing vessels”), with the cooperation of CDTI(Technological and Industrial Development Centre) and the Independent Analytical Centre Míguez and Muiños (Tests No060000053 & No0600000719).

With the cooperation of our partners CSIC and Analytical Centre Míguez and Muiños, we performed new internal pilot tests that officially confirmed the viability of the PETFROST system regarding the bacterial problematic in the different points of manufacturing and handling of the food industry:

bola icono peter Fishing -> fresh, semi fresh, frozen, smoked and elaborated fish.
bola icono peter Meats and birds-> fresh, frozan and elaborated meat.
bola icono peter Fruits and vegetables-> washing and conservation.

This way we deployed a wide range of applications through the food processing chain, where food can be washed with germicidal water. Thanks to the intimate knowledge of the production process by the customer pull together with the technological and operative information of our systems turned out in creative solutions that could only be solved by this close relation(like pretreatments for vacuum packed atmospheres)Real tests performed in R&D departments of poultry and meat companies of our geographical area, proved the substantial improvement in the food safety by the washing of their products by germicidal water. Searching for the best possible application of our system in their production process, we achieve a reduction between 2 and 3 exponential points in the bacteriological load and the total removal of Listeria and Salmonella.




bola icono peter Washing and sterilization of fresh fish.
bola icono peter Icing.


Ice production:

bola icono peter Sterilization of cutting, fillet and manufacturing machinery.
bola icono peter Packaging sterilization.
bola icono peter Product conservation.


Meat products:

bola icono peter Washing and sterilization of pork, chicken,rabbit, poultry channels.
bola icono peter Sterilization of cutting and manufacturing machinery.
bola icono peter Ice production.
bola icono peter Sterilization of cutting, fillet and manufacturing machinery.
bola icono peter Packaging sterilization.



bola icono peter Washing and sterilization of fruits and vegetables.
bola icono peter Germicide washing before and after of blanching for thermophile removal.
bola icono peter Production machinery sterilization.

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