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Compact reverse osmosis system ideal for laboratory installations from which excellent pure water can be obtained due to its prefiltration, reverse osmosis and postreatment, it can also monitor the conductivity (TDS) of the produced water.

Its treatment process consist of:

 20 microns sediment filter.
 5 microns sediment filter.
 Granular carbon filter.
 Block carbon filter.
 Reverse osmosis membrane
 Activated carbon postfilter.
 Deionizer mixed bed filter.
 Ultraviolet system.
 Polysulfone filter (0,2 microns absolute)

In addition the system has built-in:

 High pressure pump.
 Feed water electrovalve directed by feed water and filled tank pressure switches.
 Autolushing by electrovalve and conductivity probe.
 Electronic microprocessor with indicator lights so the following information can be seen in the display:
 Tds (ppm) water quality measurement.
 Autoflush timer.
 Water production timer.
 Filled tank protection switch.

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