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PETER TABOADA can offer a wide range of self cleaning filters which are applicable in prefiltration for reverse osmosis systems or specific treatments in purification and water quality improvement. Every PETER TABOADA filtration system is fully automatic by automatic programmers. Their control valves work in three different cycles: backwashing, clarification and service. These valves are equipped with a computerized programmer 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. Also we design special filtration systems adapted to any application. These systems can have feed water from the sea, rivers, wells, or any other source. These systems are completely automatic; they do not need any operator or maintenance in a short term.


bola icono peter FA: Quartz sand and anthracite filters:

Automatic filter for retention of suspended particles with back washing system using raw water. This filter contains anthracite and several quartz sand beds of different sizes. The spherical shape of the quartz sand grains avoid the violent shock of the water again the grains, like occur with other kind of sand. This way water easily goes through the sand beds even when we work with great water flow.

bola icono peter FC: Activated carbon filters:

Activated carbon filters with automatic backwashing. The filter contains an activated carbon bed held by a quartz sand layer. A timer controls its internal washing. The carbon used in this application is of vegetal type (coconut), specially designed for water treatment like filtration (physics), reduction (chemist) and adsorption (physics- chemist).

bola icono peter FDF: Deferrized filters:

Self-cleaning deferrized filter without regeneration. Reduces iron by 80-90%. The water to be treated is in contact with grains of deferrizing material thus reducing the iron present in the water.

bola icono peter pH+: pH raiser filters:

These filters correct pH strongly acid thus preventing corrosion of pipes and associated contaminants that add bad taste and turbidity in drinking water. The filter contains several beds of sand and pH elevating different granule sizes increaser act as pH mineralizing material.
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