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PETER TABOADA develops systems and equipment following the strictest quality controls and working to the most demanding international rules for manufacture and with the additional value giving to a company that has held the ISO9001 Quality Control Certificate since 2001.

All the systems created are subjected to permanent study and development in accordance with our philosophy of continual improvement that has characterized the company.

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Guarantee and Aftersales

In PETER TABOADA we strive to offer the highest quality of service to the client in all our products. This is seen in service performance.
For this reason the systems are tested with the highest technology, using the most rigorous quality controls and checking the correct functioning of every component, as well as the finished product.

If any anomaly should arise with our machines, our goal is to always guarantee the quick and professional availability of our aftersales service.

We are continually on call to attend any doubts that may arise during the period of guarantee, or even once this has finished. If you wish to have more information, you can download the terms and conditions of guarantee from the following link


PETION. System to prevent the corrosion and antibiological growth in sea water circuits (MGPS).

This patent protects the pipes and circuits through which sea water flows thanks to electrolyte technology with copper and aluminum electrodes in an insulated tank.The copper protects against the growth of mollusks and seaweed. The aluminum protects against corrosion.

Patent no: 200500799(4)


PETFROST. System to produce germicidal water for use in food production.

This patent is designed for the production of sterile and germicidal water in food applications. By use of a triple reactor we achieve the “integration” of ozone in the water and, in this way, enable that the water itself is germicidal and it eliminates the bacteria in the treated food via a shower.

Patent no: 01947470ES.9

Logo PETSEA RO osmosis inversa

PETSEA RO TW-H. System to produce ultrapure water by hemodialysis application.

This patent allows you to obtain ultrapure water of <0,07ppm, while avoiding bacteriological contamination thanks to its in-line design.The ultrapure water is continually moving and is never stored to avoid contamination.

Patent no: 200202491(X)


PETDIESEL. System to control water quality in diesel engine cooling.

This patent controls water quality in the cooling system of large marine engines and so manages to prevent breakdowns. The machine controls the conductivity, temperature, pH, turbidity and oily water.


Patent no: 200102306/5


All products designed and manufactured by Peter Taboada are registered at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

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